by: Thrity Engineer

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At the heart of the human system is a place of pure love, trust and effortless action - a state of feeling intelligence. Humans long to reach this space, but access it rarely at the level of the personality. The Supercoherence Return To Love Frequencies are a new consciousness tool which connects us to this space within. These frequencies connect us to the Zero point. This book tells the story of the remarkable researcher who invented the Luminator, an instrument that was able to show on simple polaroid pictures whether we are supercoherent or not. When we are not, the Luminator somehow caused the polaroid picture to become fuzzy and out of focus, when we are they become sharp. Following the closing of the polaroid factory, this book also documents the development the new methods were developed so that anyone could return to their zero point, wherever they were. It was no longer necessary to visit a practitioner who posessed such a remarkable devise. The Lumiator had served its purpose as a calibrator of other techniques, while they were being developed. It transpires that this capacity to “be our authentic selves” is so strong that we just need to resonate consciously with anything else that is already Supercoherent, to return closer to our natural divine nature.