SWAN WINGS by Judith von Halle

by: Judith von Halle

Judith is a German author who was born and still lives in Berlin. This is an account of her life, of her spiritual awakening and of how she found a framework for exploring existence even more deeply. As a child she is able to see the currents running through life, plus grotesque hallucinatory faces at some kind of “threshold”. In her awakening she is visited by the figure of the Christ and is shown the true nature of love. The book is very profound and contains many deep musings, as well as diary entries from the time. It’s only when she is 25 that she can be open about everything she has experienced in her vivid internal life. Ultimately she finds her spiritual home with the Rudolf Steiner teachings. This is a fascinating account of a human soul struggling but finally succeeding in finding its voice.

288pp, 235 x 156 mm, Paperback, 2021, RRP £20.00

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