TELL ME WHO I AM Marcus Lewis|Alex Lewis

by: Marcus Lewis|Alex Lewis

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Imagine waking up one day to discover that you have forgotten everything about your life! Your only link with the past, your only hope for the future, is your identical twin. If, and only if, he chooses to tell you the truth! This is the story of Alex and how his quest to understand his true identity revealed shocking betrayals, a secret tragedy, an extraordinary triumph over crippling adversity and, above all, redemption founded on brotherly love as Marcus too is able to shed the impossible burdens of their journey. Their story spans continents and eras, from 1950s debutantes and English high society to a remote island in the Pacific and 90s raves. Disturbing, funny, heart-breaking and affirming, Alex and Marcus's determination to rebuild their lives makes us look afresh at how we choose to tell our stories!