by: Stephen R Covey

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In any conflict, explains Stephen Covey, the First Alternative is my way, and the Second Alternative is your way, and the fight boils down to a question of whose way is better. He now presents a new and practical, incredibly effective and eye-opening way to reach resolution - through using the 3rd Alternative. This moves beyond the 'yours or mine' stalemate to a higher and better way that allows both parties to emerge in a far better state than either had envisioned: nobody has to give up anything, and everyone wins. 3rd Alternative thinkers bring creative solutions, peace and healing. Through key examples and stories from his work as a consultant, Covey demonstrates a supreme opportunity of our times: to create new and better results instead of escalating conflict, as well as how to build strong relationships with diverse individuals based on an attitude of winning together. The 3rd Alternative represents a departure from material on conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation; it represents a new way of thinking for anyone who is seeking resolution in their personal or professional lives.
480pp, 145mm x 236mm, hardback, 2012

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