4-HOUR BODY by Timothy Ferriss

by: Timothy Ferriss

Based on more than a decade of research, the collective wisdom of hundreds of elite athletes and medical doctors, as well as many hours of personal experimentation, The 4-Hour Body is a radical controlled nutrition and fitness guide for both men and women who want to experience rapid body transformation with maximum results for minimal effort. Timothy Ferriss shows how you can reach your optimum physical potential with as little as four hours of effort a month. He applies his Minimum Effective Dose (MED) principles to create specific exercise and nutrition programmes according to the ultimate goals of, for example, better endurance, fat loss, muscle gain, strength gain, better sex, sleep improvement or general wellbeing. This is an informative and fascinating manual for physical transformation.

592pp, 153mm x 234mm, Paperback, 2011Suitable for adult reading only: contains explicit illustrations and discussion of a sexual nature.

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