by: Ingrid Bacci

Most of us believe that in order to achieve anything worthwhile, we have to work hard and apply a lot of effort. In fact, says Dr Ingrid Bacci, the opposite is true. In The Art of Effortless Living, she offers compelling evidence that the most productive, creative and healthiest individuals are those who practice effortless living. By doing less, paradoxical as it may seem, they achieve more. Here you learn how to dissolve conscious and unconscious stress through simple techniques that replace effort with effortlessness. You will also discover a more rewarding lifestyle that leads to physical vitality, increased productivity, creative relationships and the freedom to express your best self. `I feel this is a very important, transformative book. I'm a therapist and I recommend it to lots of people.' Christine DiMascio, Cygnus reader.
366pp, 126mm x 197mm, Paperback, 2003

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