by: Julia Ponsonby

In another in the beautifully packaged and illustrated series from Running Hare Press, Rachael shares her lifetime’s experience of knitting as a craft and tells of the magic moments she has spent with fellow knitters at her shop. Mindfulness and knitting may have been working together for generations, but it is only recently that the potential of their collaboration as a cure for ills has been confirmed. Scientists have proved that the repetitive action of knitting relaxes us, helps us think positively and can even be a cure for pain. She draws our attention to how conscious knitting clothes our loved ones twice, once in the actions of our hands and once in the radiations of our hearts. Gandhi’s advice to “be the change that you want to see in the world” could also be interpreted as an instruction to knit through the rebirth of your inner being.

Hardback, 144pp, 119 x 160mm, 2014