by: Adam Ford

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What broader benefits can walking bring? How can we take it beyond a simple physical activity, to tap into our walking time as a space for deeper observation and spiritual contemplation? In The Art of Mindful Walking, Buddhist teacher Adam Ford explores walking as an exercise of body and mind, both serious and light-hearted. He tells of all sorts of walks, including his own - from the everyday stroll, to his personal odyssey in the Australian outback - and describes how they are enriched by practising mindfulness along the way. This lovely book shows that walking can simply be a light, refreshing experience when we enjoy that 'wonderful to be alive' feeling, and that it can also create an opportunity to delve deep into our inner lives. Whether you're taking to the hills on a major hike, having a gentle wander in the park, or tramping through the rain to the bus stop, turning it into a mindful walk is sure to enhance your journey.
144pp, 130mm x 200mm, hardback, 2011

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