THE AWAKENING by Sidra Jafri

by: Sidra Jafri

Is there anything truly new to be written about how to change your life for the better? Probably not — but there are still books that will bring ‘Aha!’ moments by drawing together spiritual insights from many traditions and melding them seamlessly with the author’s specific knowledge. This is one of them. Sidra uses a process she calls ‘Access Body Consciousness’ to help us identify issues and then provides a book packed with ideas, processes, meditations and practical suggestions to help us stop pretending that we are dealing with our issues when we are not. This is a gentle but thorough book which will draw you in until you truly find the issue that has scuppered your growth. The nine principles include asking quality questions, dropping judgements and understanding energy — nothing new there — but they work together powerfully whether your issue is financial, emotional or spiritual. It’s all energy...

256pp, 136mm x 216mm, Paperback, 2015

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