BIG PEACE Suzy Greaves

by: Suzy Greaves

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The Big Peace allows you to 'put your feet up and find yourself without going anywhere' , by following Suzy Greaves' step-by-step daily exercises of self discovery. It is about working with what you have right here, right now, taking affirmative action, even discovering that it' s all right to be 'messed up' and fabulous, and that they' re not mutually exclusive. Start spotting and questioning the crazy, stressful thoughts that run you ragged, and choose a more soothing soundtrack for life. In her brilliantly motivational, accessible style, that' s a real pleasure to read, she gets you looking deep within yourself with an ease many teachers never quite achieve. Suzy shows how to wallow in self-acceptance on a daily basis, how to let go of your inner critic, allow your standards to drop and watch your quality of life rise. Soon you will stop trying to prove yourself to others and start recognising your own self-worth by doing the things you' re naturally good at and enjoy. It' s time to focus on your brilliance and have a sense of humour about the rest!
260pp, 128mm x 198mm, Paperback, 2009


How slow can you go?
Our obsession with speed, with cramming more in, living life in the fast lane, means that we race through life instead of actually living it. Everything suffers - our health, diet and relationships. We mess up at work. We can't relax, enjoy the moment; we even find sleeping difficult.

So imagine how you would feel if someone told you that you'd done enough and could simply relax now. That you could step off the treadmill, take a load off, and 'just be'? I nearly choked on my extra-strong espresso when I heard this little gem. I haven't got time to just 'be', sweetie, I said. I had deadlines to meet, people to chivvy and a gigantic list of things to do, do, do.

My life was about lists and magazine articles torn out because they contained some awfully good ideas and things filed for future reference and projects half-finished and 'things in the pipeline'. I was so busy I was a blur. 'Why are you so busy?' asked the insistent voice. 'Because I have so much to do, do, do,' I replied, ordering another espresso to go.

My life was filled to the brim - with no space to breathe, to think. Keep running and I'll get to the finishing line, I thought. If only I knew where it was. I just need to know more, do more, be more, I thought. Then I can slow down.

But do we ever really get there? Have we ever done enough? Do we ever get to the place when we think, 'Ah, yes, I've finally done enough, I can relax now.' What would happen if you were enough just exactly the way you are?

Talk like this would just have me sprinting faster. My fear? If I slowed, if I threw away my things-to-do list, I would be nothing. I would have nothing to hide behind. All the busy-ness, the stress, stress, stress gave me something to hide behind. They gave me an identity. And in a strange way, made me feel important. Being busy made me feel like I had a life, that I was in demand, that there was some meaning to my life. Strip it all away and then what? Who would I be? The doing defined my 'being', as it were. And without the doing, I was afraid my 'being' wouldn't exist. So when I began to slow down, I didn't find it very easy. I was facing my worst fears. So I'm not saying this week is going to be easy for you, but perhaps you're not as barmy as me.

This week, we're on a go-slow week. Many of us actually don't do this unless we are ill or on holiday. At first, I found it impossible. To be still, to sit and just 'be'. My thoughts were like a spider in the bath. I felt I only had one speed - FAST. But I'm slowly discovering a new pace - it's very idle and it's very lovely, and this week I hope you'll join me in downing tools and riding in the slow lane for a few days. How slow can you go?

From The Big Peace, ?2009 by Suzy Greaves, published by Hay House. 

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