by: Ashamarae Mcnamara

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How wonderful would it be to release negative belief patterns effortlessly? How incredible would it feel if we could respond to any situation from a space of grace, ease, flow and love? This is our natural state we are told in The Blueprint of Oneness. Jesus and Mary activated this ‘Blueprint’ from within, Moses did, Buddha did, and now you can too, using the guidance of Master Saint Germain, as channelled by Ashamarae McNamara. Saint Germain guides us through a direct inner experience to receive and realize his teachings. He invites you to serve all and love all, be love in action and allow love to flow. As you choose to be love in action you bring forth Source in and through you. By following the information in The Blueprint of Oneness you will assist the world in anchoring a wave of light of a magnitude that hasn’t been experienced before.

98pp, 130mm x 200mm, illus. in colour, Paperback, 2010


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