BUDDHA PILL by Miguel Farias

This new version updates some of the original 2015 book, based on feedback and new research. As before it aims to tease fact from fiction when it comes to meditation. The authors connect with those working with meditation in organisations such as the Prison Phoenix Trust, bringing meditation into the prisoner’s cell, and the NHS. They look at some of the leading researchers who have examined ways to make life-changing experiences on a personal and global level. An entire chapter is devoted to the dark side of meditation, building on strong responses to a mention of this in the original book. There are examples of those who have had adverse reaction to intense experiences of meditation and a look at some medical research into certain mental illnesses. The book is thought provoking as it discusses seven myths about meditation and ultimately they conclude it is a beneficial practice.

352pp, 197 x 127 mm, Paperback, 2019

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