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CHOPRA CENTRE COOKBOOK Deepak Chopra with David Simon and Leanne Backer

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Combining Ayurvedic healing with modern nutritional science, The Chopra Centre Cookbook is a guide to help you prepare delicious, healthy meals that nourish your body and soul. It was developed at the Chopra Centre for Well Being, a beautiful, nurturing retreat where mindful, delightful food is at the heart of the mission for people seeking emotional and physical healing, and connection to their inner spiritual life. Here are over 200 recipes designed to ignite the senses and tap into pure vitality. From Courgette Pecan Bread, Vegetarian Paella and Breakfast Burritos to Rosemary White Bean Soup, Braised Salmon with Mango Tomato Salsa and Unbelievable Double Chocolate Cake, you ªÆll discover more than just new flavours and enjoyment: this food is good for you, and, says Deepak, re-establishes the mind-body connection and even reverses the aging process.
336pp, 156mm x 234mm, Paperback, 2011

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