by: Johann Valentin Andreae

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Originally published anonymously in 1616, The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz is said to record a dream experienced by Johann Valentin Andreae when he was a teenager. Having studied this book for many years, we believe it to contain a complete set of guidelines as to how the soul and divine spirit, or consciousness and higher self, may be united, and what the consequences of that are likely to be in our bodies and lives. Read superficially, it is a very complex and sometimes bizarre story, but if you enter into it in meditation as you would a shamanic journey, it gradually reveals its treasures to you, like a series of signposts on your road. This glorious collector's edition provides the full text in modern English, alongside sensitively executed and highly evocative colour illustrations by David Newbatt, which throw a great deal of light on the meaning of the story. If you have a serious interest in alchemy, Rosicrucianism or the spiritual path in general, you will be glad to own a copy of this book.
408pp, 240mm x 336mm, hardback, 2011