by: Judy Hall

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The Crystal Experience provides a personalised, practical and direct experience of the profound wisdom found with crystal lore. Going far beyond a reference guide, this book is more like a personal tutor, leading you through key ideas and concepts via inspirational and holistic hands-on exercises and rituals. Judy Hall guides you in finding exactly which crystals resonate with you, to explore their subtle energies and vibrations, colours and shapes, and travel on a journey that takes you deep into the heart of yourself and All That Is. You'll find guidance on choosing crystals, building up a crystal collection and expanding your knowledge, whether you are a beginner or an experienced crystal worker. By taking part and using the interactive CD, of meditations and exercises read by Lorelei King, along with relaxing music, you will develop your skills in relaxation, visualization and intuition, too. Here you can experience crystals for yourself, opening your mind to exciting possibilities, and exploring how you can work with crystals for self-healing and personal development in the right way for you.
256pp, 142mm x 166mm, illus. in colour, Paperback + 73min CD, 2010

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