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by: Michael Eastwood

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The Crystal Oversoul Attunements is a set of beautiful cards that will take you through meditation and contemplation on a deep exploration of the spiritual and metaphysical qualities of crystals. You will learn how to communicate with the part of the collective consciousness that the crystals represent, the essential soul that each crystal identifies with - their Oversoul. Born from forty four different crystals, each card is an exquisite photographic mandala created to help convey the crystal's message directly into your consciousness. The accompanying guidebook describes the crystals' qualities, with a meditation for each, and shows how to use the cards with a layout of clear quartz points, to attune, meet and meditate with the Oversouls, either on a personal or group journey. Using these cards and meditations to discover the shared spiritual and healing potential of crystals is a true delight.
44 cards, 128mm x 198mm, illus in colour, 2011

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