2012: THE CRYSTAL SKULL Manda Scott

by: Manda Scott

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It is a long time since we have read such a beautiful story - so exquisitely written, with such an ingeniously crafted plot, and such awareness of ancient wisdom. With great skill, Manda Scott weaves legends about the crystal skulls, the Mayan prophecies for the year 2012, and planet Earth's ancient power points into a fabulous thriller. Stella Cody and her husband Kit unravel a sixteenth century code that leads them to a crystal skull of dazzling beauty. Stella learns that she is destined to be this skull's final guardian, that it holds the key to staving off a man-made apocalypse, and that it is her task to unlock this key. However, forces are at work to prevent her from fulfilling her task. Meanwhile, in a parallel story set in the 16th century, we discover how the crystal skull came to be hidden, and how the code came to be written by one of its earlier guardians, Cedric Owen, a doctor who travelled to the lands of the Maya in search of the true significance of the crystal skull in his care. Informed by an understanding of shamanism, and the kind of vivid, deeply evocative imagery that can come to one in the process of creative dreaming, this novel is just perfect entertainment for Cygnus readers!
368pp, 152mm x 234mm, Paperback, 2008

'I enjoyed this book so much I could hardly bear to read it, as I didn?t want it to end!' Ann Napier

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