DEEPER SECRET Annemarie Postma

by: Annemarie Postma

Ask yourself: ?What does life want from me?? Many of you have read The Secret and have put its Law of Attraction into practice, hoping to draw the things they desire into their lives. But what happens if the life of your dreams doesn?t materialise? What if you need more help to fulfil your destiny? In The Deeper Secret, Annemarie Postma provides a fresh and empowering new perspective. She explains that the original book, The Secret, is an important first step on a path that leads much further - towards the realisation of your deepest dreams. The deeper secret is not one single law, but a complex pattern of forces that combine to help you achieve your life's purpose. You learn to discern why you want what you want, to know what it means when your desires meet resistance, to decide actively to seek your destiny, to overcome the beliefs that limit us, and to take responsibility for ourselves - rather than blaming outside forces for the things you feel you lack. This is a book that will turn your most cherished dreams into possibilities you can recognise, seize and fulfil.
230pp, 142mm x 182mm, Paperback 2012


Learn to Let Go

Letting go is having the courage to allow the truth to come about.

Deciding to seek what you want in your life means being prepared to leave your comfort zone.

Deciding to seek what you want in your life means being prepared to leave your comfort zone. The boundaries of this comfort zone are delineated by what you know - those familiar ideas and assumptions you have received and unconsciously absorbed from your parents or educators. It is a pattern that you try to duplicate time and time again in your adult life because it seems 'safe'. But as a rule, the comfort zone is not that safe, or even all that comfortable. In fact, in your comfort zone you are a prisoner of your own limiting beliefs and fears - perhaps a fear of change, a lack of self-worth, or a buried conviction that you don't have the right to exist. These make the comfort zone an extremely oppressive place.

Deciding is breaking through safe, predictable boundaries.

To step outside your comfort zone means taking active steps to let go of negative patterns and beliefs and give up the false safety of the familiar. So, in essence, deciding is inextricably bound to letting go. That's why so many people are so indecisive, because letting go is something that most people prefer not to do. Letting go is scary, because it is often accompanied by pain - the pain of separating from old ideas, assurances hopes, and dreams - and most people prefer to hang on to their old, familiar patterns, however negative or destructive those may be. The known is familiar and the outcome of old patterns is predictable. This keeps you from being confronted with surprises, so you think you've figured out how to avoid pain. The problem arises when you are not prepared to let go of your comfort zone, but you want to change your life at the same time. The two are not compatible, so you will have to make a choice. It will have to be one or the other.

The good news is that, ultimately, the pain - which comes from letting go - is always accompanied by a sense of liberation and new space. By letting go of limiting beliefs, you create the space to realize your dreams.

From The Deeper Secret, ?2009 by Annemarie Postma, published by Watkins.