by: Paul Weiss

The subtitle here is Non-Dual Principles of Living. It’s a profound exploration of ordinary reality from the point of view of a poet and of a human being who’s had a lifetime of spiritual inquiry. He has been training in Zen, Tai Chi and many other traditions since 1966 and now he shares the fruits of all his searching. The book is full of stories and anecdotes from his own life, moments of revelation that occur both in rarefied and in more mundane settings. It’s a rigorous but not difficult text and it’s full of learning opportunities for us. We can use his pointings as a guide for our own lives so that we too can transcend and transform the sometimes challenging ordinary stuff. It seems to be primarily driven by what he has learned from Buddhism; however there are references to other mystical traditions.

288pp, 229 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2023

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