by: Dr John E Sarno

Dr John E Sarno has pioneered a totally new approach to physical symptoms, which has met with a huge amount of success in his medical practice as a specialist in back pain. He has discovered that many very real symptoms, normally ascribed by doctors to physical causes and treated accordingly, are actually created by the brain to divert our conscious attention from repressed emotions such as fear and rage, which it considers dangerous to us. He has found that, simply by understanding how this process occurs, and learning to become more conscious of repressed emotions, many of his patients have been completely cured! He traces the roots of mind-body disorders, exploring the interaction between the conscious mind and repressed feelings of pain, hurt, sadness and anger characteristic of the unconscious mind. He also includes a number of chapters written by other doctors in the US who are now using his methods to treat a wide variety of common ailments, revealing how and why thousands of people have become pain-free by following his revolutionary advice.

Paperback, 394pp, 159 x 231 mm, 2016