by: Jennifer Skiff

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Anyone who loves dogs will be inspired and uplifted by the stories in this book. Our four-legged friends teach us about patience and love, they comfort us when we're feeling most alone, and they even perform miracles. In The Divinity of Dogs you'll find dozens of examples of the many ways that dogs lead us to spiritual enlightenment. You'll meet Little Bit, the Chihuahua who detected a small lump in her owner's breast where even a doctor couldn't find it. There's Emma, the devoted Rottweiler who ferociously grabbed her owner's arm at the moment he was trying to commit suicide, saving his life. You'll be inspired by Luna the Retriever, who dragged her owner to safety after she collapsed late at night in a field. And you'll fall in love with the many dogs who simply provide steady comfort when we need it - dogs like Bo, the Boxer, who soothed his mistress after the loss of her son. In addition, throughout the book, the author weaves her own experiences with dogs, showing how they comforted her through mistreatment as a child, divorce, and a cancer diagnosis. This book will provide hope, help and healing for dog lovers everywhere.