THE DYSLEXIC ADVANTAGE by Brock L. and Fernette F. Eide

by: Brock L. Eide

his book was a bestseller when it was first published 12 years ago and now it is being republished with revisions and updates. So much has been learned over this time and this edition includes 18 more profiles of inspiring individuals with dyslexia. It’s also printed in a larger, more dyslexic-friendly font. All the same, there is a lot of information here and there are copious notes and references. The authors were inspired to write this by a headline describing the success of many leading people in business despite “suffering from” dyslexia. But why “suffering”? Perhaps it gave them an advantage in their chosen field? The text goes on to show all the ways in which this is true, how dyslexia is just an information-processing style and how it helps with pattern detection, creativity and problem-solving. It’s very empowering.

448pp, 229 x 154 mm, Paperback, 2023