by: Findhorn Community

Over 40 years ago, on windswept and barren sand dunes in the far north east of Scotland, a miracle was occurring. The most wonderful plants, flowers, trees and organic vegetables were growing to enormous sizes in a small plot around a thirty-foot caravan trailer inhabited by three adults and three children living on ? 8 a week unemployment benefit. Guidance by God and absolute faith in the art of manifestation led them to this apparently unlikely place to create a magnetic centre which, they were told, would draw people from all over the world. Their discovery of how to contact and cooperate with nature spirits and devas made the seemingly impossible possible. Today, Findhorn is a thriving village housing hundreds of people from all over the world, with an organisation recognised internationally as a leading centre for spiritual learning, surrounded by innovative and ecological businesses. The garden has turned into a huge organic farming initiative feeding hundreds of people. And all this because of the commitment and dedication of those three founders, Eileen and Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean. In this new and updated edition of The Findhorn Garden, they and other early co-workers at Findhorn tell their story.
206pp, 204mm x 232mm, illus. in colour, Paperback, 2008

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