by: Dan Millman

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In The Four Purposes of Life, Dan Millman explains that sorting our life experience into four fundamental purposes creates a sense of manageable structure in life, and guides us toward our ultimate or transcendental awakening. Exploring these four purposes - learning life's lessons, finding your career and calling, discovering your life path, and attending to this arising moment - will bring your life into sharper focus. By following probing exercises and visualizations, you will reveal the value of everyday challenges in your relationships, health, work, and money, finding inner wisdom for making life's decisions. You will clarify your hidden calling by using Dan's birth number Life-Purpose system. Then, you will learn the lifelong practice of the fourth purpose, which integrates and distills the other three for each present moment. Dan Millman offers The Four Purposes of Life to anyone seeking deeper insight into themselves, especially for those facing challenge or change, to provide meaning and direction in our changing world.
153pp, 135mm x 190mm, hardback, 2011