FUTURE IN THE STARS Alison Chester-Lambert

by: Alison Chester-Lambert

How do astronomers' discoveries affect the astrologer? What did it mean from an astrologer's point of view when we were told that Pluto was no longer considered to be a planet? Alison Chester-Lambert explains that Pluto was found to be part of a family of newly discovered dwarf planets, which astronomers named Ceres, Charon, Makemake, Haumea, Eris and Sedna after deities from little-known indigenous cultures. In The Future in the Stars, Alison studies the deeper astrological significance of these choices, drawing meaning from their ancient myths and the events surrounding their discovery, to investigate how their astrology can help us understand 21st century challenges. Alison sets out to de-bunk the wild claims and poor astrology she feels are fuelling the doomsday sensation regarding 2012. Alison's in-depth analysis of the dwarf planets' influence allows her to set the record straight and to show us how to work with the big changes and opportunities ahead.
221pp, 152mm x 229mm, illus. in b&w, Paperback, 2010