by: Dr Peter J D'adamo

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The GenoType Diet
is based on the simple, yet profound notion that we are able to alter our genes? behaviour. In this intriguing progression from Eat Right for Your Type [090840], Dr Peter J D?Adamo shows how you can achieve radical improvement in health and happiness - maintaining optimal wellness, vitality and weight - by adopting the diet and lifestyle best suited to your Genetic Archetype, or GenoType. Using simple tests, such as measuring your body's proportions and noting family health traits, you will determine your GenoType and discover its key traits, strengths and weaknesses ? the legacy from your ancestors. The dedicated diet plans offer a wealth of information on foods to emphasize, limit or avoid, supplement guides, advice on meal planning and exercise to suit your metabolism, all helping you to make the most of your GenoType.
384pp, 148pp x 234pp, Paperback, 2009

Getting the most from your GenoType diet
Although you may be familiar with the basics of good nutrition and how to be an educated and informed food shopper, it's still a good idea to review some of the fundamentals of healthy eating. Here are some of the basic rules of healthy living that I share with all my patients regardless of their GenoType.

The ten commandments of any successful lifestyle
1. It's what you eat, not what you avoid, that moves you forward. As naturopathic medical students, we were to look for the root causes of disease and to always begin with the diet. However, my instructors were very much into allergy testing and elimination-type diets, and often by the time we were done with an examination, the patient was left with a glass of lemon water and a rice cake! Twenty-five years in clinical practice later, I now know different. Sure, sometimes if you tell patients what to avoid they'll get 'less sick,' but in reality it is what you tell people to eat that actually makes them healthy. So when you start your GenoType Diet, begin by emphasizing what your GenoType best thrives upon, then slowly move some of the nonrecommended food out of the pantry and refrigerator.

2. Don't eat when nervous or stressed. Eating when tense or under circumstances that prohibit you from relaxing can have major effects on your digestion.

3. Don't eat a major meal after 7p.m. If you are interested in keeping lean and fit, you will want to move your main meal to earlier in the day. Studies show that between two groups of research subjects eating the same meals but at different times, the group that ate their main meal at night gained weight, whereas the group that ate their main meal in the afternoon did not.

4. Don't exercise to exhaustion. Take yourself to your maximum, but go no further. If you need to lie down after you exercise, you're going at it too intensely.

5. Don't diet. This may seem like an odd strategy in a diet book, but here's my point: Many thrifty Warriors and Gatherers are used to 'going on' and 'going off' diets. The GenoType Diet is a road map, not a straitjacket. If you gradually incorporate the GenoType Diet into your daily life, the benefits will be apparent. One clue: The right diet will always make you feel better, not worse.

6. Get up when you wake up. As soon as your eyes open, get out of bed and begin your day. This will help synchronize your sleep-awake cycle and also allow you to start your day at peak performance. Trying to catch a few extra winks will wind up making you feel worse.

7. Never go to bed stressed. Take a little time to de-stress before bedtime. Take a hot bath. Watch a comedy on DVD. Talk about things with your mate or a good friend.

8. Try not to combine starches and proteins. Good food combining (eating meats with high-fiber vegetables and carbohydrates by themselves) enhances the transit time of the meal through the gut, which lowers the demands on the immune cells that line the digestive tract. Decreasing the workload of the immune system in the gut increases its ability to function efficiently, which decreased inflammation. Don't stress over it, but if the dinner plate looks like good food combining, smile and pat yourself on the back.

9. Express yourself. Following your GenoType Diet should be an adventure, not an ordeal. Keep an open mind; explore new foods and new ways of preparing them. Share ideas with friends. Use tools like the Internet to community-build and find support and camaraderie.

10. Take the good, leave the rest. Every belief system inhibits growth. If something in your GenoType Diet doesn't seem to work for you, skip it for now and give yourself some time to accomplish what you can do. When you are comfortable with these initial changes, perhaps give the others a second try.

From The GenoType Diet, ?2008 by Dr Peter J. D'Adamo & Catherine Whitney, published by Bantam Press.