by: Maggie La Tourelle

On the face of it, Alzheimer s seems to underline the tragedy of the human condition as it descends into fragmentation, disorientation, disintegration and death. How utterly deceiving appearances can be! This extraordinary and trailblazing book, without in the least skimming over the difficulties and tough challenges of the illness, reveals something entirely unexpected in its dimensions the beauty, courage and invincibility of the human spirit as it consciously occupies higher dimensions whilst simultaneously dealing with its gradual withdrawal from the earthly body and mind. In this deeply moving book, Maggie La Tourelle charts her journey with her Alzheimer s-afflicted mother, offering wonderful confirmation that, whilst decline and death are happening at the outer level, the power of love can find an enriched opportunity for expression and transformation through the unique focus of Alzheimer s, and that nothing of the person you knew is truly lost.