by: Alan Jacobs

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In 1945 several secret gospels, hidden since the first century, were discovered in the Egyptian Desert at Nag Hammadi. They caused a sensation in the religious world as they revealed the mysteries of Gnostic Christianity. ?Gnosis?, from the Greek, broadly means ?direct knowledge of spiritual truths?. The quest for such direct knowledge was suppressed by the Church, but is finding new life today. The thirteen gospels selected by Alan Jacobs for this volume include The Gospel of Thomas, The Sophia of Jesus Christ, The Fable of the Pearl and The Gospel of Philip. They reveal sayings of Christ not included in the New Testament and throw light on the intimate relationship between Jesus and his disciples. The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, for example, gives details of his relationship with this favoured disciple. The wisdom in this inspiring collection of texts is wholly relevant to our lives today, addressing, as it does, our spiritual thirst for Gnosis.
250pp, 115mm x 160mm, hardback, 2005

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