by: Diana Cooper

We have done exceptionally well with Diana’s book The Golden Future and here is a stunning deck to go with it. I really hope the images on these 44 cards will give you inspiration to help create the harmonious future that awaits us all. The images are amazing and almost literally mindexpanding - a riot of dolphins, rainbows and bright colours. Optimism and idealism are so important to all of us if we want to make this world a better place and co-create this Golden Future - there can hardly be an impulse that is more “Cygnus”. With all the books and decks she has already created, we can say that Diana Cooper is an author we can all trust and this is a healthy dose of creative and constructive visualisation. She says it will raise our frequencies and I very much look forward to it. PUBLISHED IN MARCH.

44 cards and 120-page booklet, 2024, RRP £17.99

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