GRAIL ENIGMA Laurence Gardner

by: Laurence Gardner

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The Grail Enigma explores, in even more detail than Laurence Gardner's previous books, the connection between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Gardner reveals that the offspring of the messianic couple were historically named Tamar, Joshua and Joseph and, using newly discovered genealogical charts, he traces their lineage through 600 years to Arthur Pendragon. We discover why, in the years after the crucifixion, the messianic line was hunted down, and the New Testament gospels had all references to the messianic marriage and bloodline removed from them. Thus the story of the tormented Blood Royal was forced underground until it became encoded in the Grail legend of King Arthur. The story of how their secret line was carried on makes fascinating reading.
432pp, 153mm x 234mm, illustrated, Paperback, 2008