HOLY GRAIL Rudolf Steiner

by: Rudolf Steiner

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More than a Christian relic, the Grail for Rudolf Steiner is a potent, many-sided symbol connected with the whole secret of humanity's spiritual development, past, present and future. Steiner discusses the quest for the Grail, and suggests that there will come a time when all humankind will be healed once more, like Amfortas, and all of us will 'achieve the Grail'. Steiner also allows us an insight into his own personal Grail quest, describing how he explored the inner worlds for understanding of the esoteric meanings hidden in the Grail stories handed down to us, and how he searched the Akashic record for knowledge about the Grail and its role in human evolution. To find the Grail, says Steiner, is also to encounter the deepest Mysteries of original Christianity, Mysteries that have long been buried beneath the dust of dogma and superstition, but which urgently need to be rediscovered in our time.
95pp, 123mm x 174mm, illus. in b&w, softback, 2001