by: Elliott Saxby

This is a book about polarity work, a holistic practice that can help us to integrate the masculine and feminine energies within us. Elliott Saxby, a practitioner and trainer, has written an excellent guide, useful both for anyone new to this form of healing or anyone more experienced looking for more insight and ideas. Fusing ancient Vedic knowledge and Western psychology with Tantric and Taoist wisdom, it lays out the overlying principles and concepts but also provides practical information, from the 4 main polarity maps through to examples and exercises to help us navigate our inner duality. The definitions of masculine and feminine are known to us, but by mapping them out clearly, it makes it easier to understand why we, and others, are behaving in a certain way. Polarity work then takes this knowledge and helps us to evolve physically, mentally, and emotionally.

240pp, 229 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2022