THE KYBALION by Lucas Fernando Sosa

by: Lucas Fernando Sosa

This newly published version of one of the greatest classics of esoteric literature - which first appeared in the early 20th century - does not tinker with the original text but now includes images for each of the chapters which “fulfil a representative and archetypal role of each of the chapters of the work”. They are designed to help those of us who are just beginning to read about Hermeticism to get to grips with its mysteries. This is a text that has influenced spiritual seekers for a long time. Even though it’s a work that’s deliberately been presented as esoteric, it is actually immensely practical. The work itself is based on seven fundamental principles that govern this universe which help you to understand that in whatever circumstance of your life you find yourself, you are where you need to be. It also makes it clear that the spiritual path is extremely personal and that you must walk it alone.

224pp, 215 x 141mm, Paperback, 2022

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