by: Edward Monkton

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One of our bestselling books of 2007, and still going strong, is Edward Monkton's Happiness. We were so smitten by this hilariously bizarre but wise and inspirational collection of musings and drawings we thought, 'We want more!' Well, we're very pleased to say, 'Ta da!', and here they are. Perfect as little meaningful gifts for Valentine's Day, this is one of four books we have chosen that venture deep into the domain of love and relationships, while, of course, preserving the humorous, quirky and surreal 'Monkton' approach.

A tale of restored self esteem and, yes, inner beauty. A lady feels thoroughly miserable about herself, but is reminded of her wonderful smile, which emanates the loveliness from deep within. A sad day turned happy. Hooray!
32pp, 138mm x 170mm, illus. in b&w, hardback, 2004