Angels and Beings





by: Doreen Virtue

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You are a lightworker if you feel called to heal others; want to resolve the world's social and environmental problems; believe that spiritual methods can heal any situation; feel compelled to write, teach, or counsel others; and know that you are here for a higher purpose, even if you are unsure how to fulfil it. In Part One of The Lightworker's Way, Doreen Virtue takes you on a spiritual adventure as she recounts her own life story of awakening to her divine life mission, and learning to use her healing and clairvoyant abilities. As she does so, she helps you recall your own divine mission. In Part Two, Dr Virtue offers information she has gained from her own experience on how to reawaken your natural spiritual skills, such as the ability to heal on a spiritual and energetic level and give readings about the past, present and future. Among other things, you'll find out how to conduct healing sessions, heighten your psychic receptivity, call upon the angels that are always by your side, and learn how to open your ?third eye?.
297pp, 137mm x 214mm, Paperback, 2005

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