THE MANDALA WAY by Eitan Kedmy

by: Eitan Kedmy

In the epilogue to this lovely volume, the author says “I pray that the painting of the mandala will bring love, peace, quiet and harmony in the world” which beautifully sums up the joy of his book. In the first chapters you learn about the mandala itself and about the mandala way with an interesting description of how it was brought to the attention of the modern world by Carl Jung. Of course it has also existed in other cultures, especially Tibetan Buddhism, for millennia. There’s no substitute then for doing it for yourself and enjoying the process of revealing your inner spiritual world. The instructional chapters are very easy to follow, and are really approachable so you learn to sketch a template, then to meditate and lastly how to work on your mandala until it is finished. You’ll learn about the four components that make up the process - energy, physical, mental and emotional and before long you’ll be off. Enjoy!

200pp, 216 x 216 mm, Paperback, 2023