by: Dr Penny Stanway

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You only need to smell a good quality olive oil to become aware of its immense healing potential and, as a healing remedy that has been in use since the most ancient times, it certainly is tried and tested! Dr Penny Stanway explores its many uses - culinary, medicinal, personal and household. She describes where it comes from, what is in it (a touch of science), its health benefits (particularly when combined with a healthy lifestyle), and its use as a beauty aid and in cooking. With an A-Z section of ailments against which olive oil has proved effective - including arthritis, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis - a collection of delicious recipes, and tips on how to use this wondrous oil to enhance hair, nails, and skin, this is an essential guide for anyone who wants to embrace healthful eating and living.
144pp, 120mm x 178mm, Paperback, 2012