by: Masaru Emoto

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Dr Masaru Emoto has photographed thousands of water crystals during his years of research, but he has noticed the most beautiful crystals are formed after the water is exposed to the words ?love and gratitude'. In his new book, Dr Emoto uses his findings as the basis for a discussion on how the vibration and resonance of words can change your life. When we speak positive words, we send out a special vibration to others. They in turn emit positive words and, as a result, we are touched by the energy of love and gratitude. As Emoto says, ?If you shine a light on those around you with the words you use, you won't ever have to walk in the dark again'. This reflective, contemplative book explores water's critical role in transporting ?vibration information' to the body, and what we can learn from water crystals. There are compelling insights on using the lessons of resonance to mend disharmonious relationships, restore health and bring positive energy into your life.
160pp, 127mm x 191mm, illus. in colour, hardback, 2007

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