by: James F Twyman

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The Moses Code Frequency Meditation CD applies an amazing discovery made by author and sound-healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman while working with James Twyman. In combining Gematria - an ancient form of Kabbalistic numerology - with the name of God that was given to Moses at the burning bush - I AM THAT I AM - they discovered sound frequencies that can unlock the power of the Moses Code in profound ways. In these two musical meditations, Tina Malia's beautiful non-verbal song layers over the tones produced by the tuning forks designed by Jonathan to correspond to the Gematria of the Holy Name. The first is for deep meditation, and the second, with guitar accompaniment, is for a more 'active' meditation. In addition, the CD includes seven of James Twyman's uplifting songs that featured in The Moses Code movie.
9 tracks, total running time 78 minutes, 2008

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