by: Timothy Freke

What is The Mystery Experience? Traditionally described as 'spiritual awakening' or 'enlightenment', it spontaneously arises when we become conscious of the breathtaking mystery of existence. Tim Freke has spent his life exploring the mystery experience and in this book, he guides you directly to it. Refreshingly funny, down-to-earth and authentic, this book makes the awakened state available to all. Tim is a recognized authority on Gnosticism and the ancient Mystery Schools, and what he does in this book is to bring the age-old perennial wisdom of the mystery teachings right into the 21st century in a form which is immediately accessible and complements the discoveries of modern science. The result is a compelling kaleidoscope of inspiring ideas, embracing quantum physics, the Tao, Advaita, meditation, Buddhism, Walt Whitman, Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung and Jah Wobble. Tim is critical of out-dated spiritual teachings, which he discusses with his imaginary philosophical sparring partner 'Swami Blandananda', and he engages in fascinating 'posthumous conversations' about life with scientific visionaries such as Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr. Wherever you ªÆre coming from, you ªÆll find this book rewarding and - yes - enlightening!
320pp, 132mm x 216mm, Paperback, 2012
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