NEW PYRAMID AGE Philip Coppens

by: Philip Coppens

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We all know that there are pyramids in Egypt and South America. But were you aware that, recently, pyramids have also been found as far afield as China, Peru, Italy and Bosnia, indicating that they are actually a worldwide phenomenon? Looking at the striking similarities between these pyramids wherever they are found in the world, Philip Coppens reveals compelling evidence suggesting a truly global movement of great wisdom, which existed at a particular period of time in human history. He shows that the pyramids were far from being merely tombs, as modern archaeologists believe, but rather were built according to a global template, serving as a 'places of creation', linked with sacred kingship and rule, and with the receiving and radiating of divine energy.
298pp, 138mm x 214mm, illus. in b&w, Paperback, 2007