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by: Miranda Gray

Enabling women to nurture their life using a uniquely female approach, Miiranda Gray shows the remarkable value of the menstrual cycle, recognising it as a rich source of practical resources. The secret lies in Optimum Times: days of enhanced abilities that depend upon which phase of your natural cycle you're in. You experience distinct phases (expressive, creative, reflective and dynamic) each of which produces its own specific heightened mental abilities, emotional qualities, intuitive awareness and physical aptitudes. The Optimized Woman offers you a daily plan of Optimum Time practical activities that you can tailor to your circumstances and cycle. It helps you to better identify and achieve your goals, improve relationships, create the ideal work/life balance, and find personal happiness, by embracing your natural, in-built life-coach.
250pp, 136mm 214mm, Paperback, 2009

What if I told you that you had a tremendous power available to you? What if I told you that it would empower you to go beyond your everyday expectations, bring focus and logical reasoning, create better relationships, enhance your problem solving ability, offer creative insight and blue-sky thinking, and finally, create deep insight and understanding?

What if I told you that you are not using the one greatest power source that you have at this moment which could make you more successful at work and in your life? Would you be interested? Of course you would!

Finding Fulfillment
If we view ourselves as a consistent being, we expect to experience consistent needs and what meets our needs one week should equally meet them the following week. However, when we come to terms with our cyclic nature we suddenly realize that this expectation doesn't work for us. To be happy and fulfilled in life we need to be happy and fulfilled in each phase, and just as we have different abilities and ways of perceiving in each of the phases we also have different needs to express and to meet.

Many women find accepting their cyclic nature difficult and will have one or two phases in which they wish they could stay all the time. It's not unusual for the career woman to want to say in her Dynamic phase abilities, or a mother to want to stay in her Expressive phase for the empathic qualities that come forward. The cry of 'Wouldn't it be fantastic if I could be like this all the time, just think of what I could achieve and be like?' is heartfelt.

If we did stay in the Dynamic phase, we would certainly be more active and more achievement and success-orientated. And yes, we would be more able to fight in a masculine business structure because we would think and behave more like men. But we would also lose out on encountering and expressing the wide range of skills and experiences that make us feel complete.

We would lose the natural empathy and understanding of the Expressive phase which make us a good 'people person', a good team player or manager, and good in customer/client interaction and support.

We would also lose the inspirational leaps of the Creative phase which solve problems, spark the successful ad campaign, create the connection between people and their need fulfillment, or produces the workshop, product, article, approach or computer coding which changes the lives of many for the better. And finally by losing the stillness of the Reflective phase we would lose the ability to know what's right for us and what we should change to bring well-being and create the life we wish to live.

If we accept that we are cyclic in nature and see the positive aspects of each of the phases, and then actively live within the monthly flow of changing awareness, energies, and fluctuating abilities and skills, we naturally give equal priority to our contrasting needs:

In our relationships and in our personal achievement.

In our home life and in our career.

In our requirement for action and empowerment and in our experience of simply 'being'.

To stop and let go and to take action to start something new.

To experience our subconscious world and to focus on our external world.

To think rationally and to acknowledge our intuition.

To be analytical and to benefit from our inspiration and creativity.

Within one cycle we can actively support and interact with all aspects of our lives and of our being, without allowing anything to dominate. We live the ultimate work-life balance, fulfilling all our wants and needs as well as our dreams and responsibilities.

From The Optimized Woman, ?2009 by Miranda Gray, published by O Books.