POET PRINCE Kathleen McGowan

by: Kathleen Mcgowan

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'Kathleen McGowan' s trilogy is not only a powerful page turner, but underlines again and again the importance of love as the central transformative principle and how this is so strongly carried by the feminine energy.' Jehanne Mehta

The eagerly anticipated third book in the Magdalene Line Trilogy , following The Expected One [190714] and The Book of Love [190713] takes Maureen to Florence, where she begins training in the secret teachings of The Order of the Holy Sepulcher. Under the guidance of her new teacher, Destino, she discovers the fascinating story of Lorenzo de Medici - the godfather of the Renaissance and the greatest patron of the arts in history. But Lorenzo's obsession was not with culture alone. Instead, he worked carefully to create a body of work which would preserve a series of ancient secrets - secrets too powerful and dangerous to be committed to writing. But Maureen's most explosive discovery affects the person closest to her, as she realizes that her lover, Berenger, shares an extraordinary legacy with Lorenzo de Medici. Both men were born under the auspices of a prophecy found in the early writing of the Bloodline - the prophecy of the Poet Prince.
400pp, 232mm x 152mm, paperback, 2010

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