by: Sonia Choquette

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In The Power of Your Spirit, Sonia Choquette shows you that even though you can't control the outside world, with the power of your Spirit, you can create a sense of purpose within, that brings about profound contentment and personal peace - no matter what is going on around you. Sonia shows how you can connect with a deep experience of Spirit, to find the most authentic, lasting power you have in your life. She shares daily practices to assist you in becoming an empowered, transformed spiritual being: living for the moment, acknowledging the Divine Spirit in all living beings, breathing consciously, releasing blockages and showing gratitude for everything in life. The more you work on it, the more peaceful you will feel.
256pp, 135mm x216mm, Paperback, 2011

Reconnecting with Your Divine Self - an extract from The Power of Your Spirit by Sonia Choquette

We all want to successfully deal with challenges, face disappointment with grace, tap into our inner power and creative expression, feel excited by a purpose, and live by an intuitive guiding wisdom. We want to be more spontaneous and carefree – laughing or singing out loud, and dancing with abandon. We want to open our hearts, leave our fears behind, and find genuine peace no matter what is happening around us. To put it simply, we want to get our Spirit back. But as much as we wish for a significant spiritual breakthrough, as much as we long to know our Divine self and uncover our intuitive genius, we’re still not making the commitment that will ensure our success. We want the gifts, but we aren’t engaging in the practical work necessary to obtain them... so we remain stuck – and more discouraged than ever. When it comes to being empowered, we’re like window-shoppers on Madison Avenue, gazing longingly at the incredible possibilities dangling before our eyes, yet not claiming them as our own.

Your authentic and lasting power

I believe the reason for this frustration and spiritual impasse is that way too many of us are trying to make a transformational, energetic shift through intellectual means alone. We make the mistake of thinking that knowing something is the equivalent of integrating and embodying this wisdom into our being. In other words, we know a lot about the power of Spirit, but we aren’t actually experiencing it. And we can’t do so through intellectual pursuits alone. In fact, we cannot experience the power of Spirit through the intellect (or ego) at all. It is only achievable through a deep, intentional daily practice of connecting with Spirit.

This is the most authentic, lasting power we have in our lives. We can’t control the outside world, but with the power of Spirit, we can create a sense of purpose within that brings about deep satisfaction and personal peace – regardless of what is going on around us.

We can’t be truly happy without making this connection and surrendering to our Spirit. Otherwise, it’s like being lost in the jungle with no clear path, no orientation... no clue as to how to find our way home. This state of mind is quite similar to the stress, fear, and exhaustion so many of us feel on a daily basis.

We have become submissive, duality-based, ego-identified victims. We’ve been conditioned to, and even forced into, handing our power over to others – only for it to be used against us. We’ve been misguided or misdirected in almost every imaginable way, and we’ve accepted and woven this belief system into our cellular bodies and even our DNA. We’ve been trained to think that we are something other than what we really are; and instead of using our Divinely appointed, creative spiritual powers, we believe what we have been told: that we are unlovable, unworthy, and even, at times, unwanted. We’ve convinced ourselves that we’re tainted, broken beings who must submit to others in order to feel love or achieve success.

The perpetual stress and internal chaos of a life without the power of Spirit causes innumerable physical and psychological breakdowns, and even accidents. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the loss of Spirit is the root cause for most depression, addiction, disease, and discontent. But the worst consequence of a life disconnected from Spirit is that we lose touch with our deepest sense of personal creativity, which is the spark of Spirit in action. A life without genuine creative expression lacks meaning and purpose. People in this state tend to find negative ways to distract themselves and deaden the emptiness they feel. Whether this leads to destructive behaviors or emotions, frequent accidents or illnesses, career stalls or chronic unemployment, or outbursts of rage or social withdrawal, soon the problem becomes others’ problems as well. All paths are interwoven – we are connected to one another, and one person’s misery eventually affects everyone else. Therefore, not only is our connection to Spirit an essential personal need, it’s also a profoundly important familial and social need.

Pursuing your Spirit over ego provides a deep-seated, unwavering sense of protection and safety. It relaxes your mind, puts your body at ease, and opens your heart. A connection to Spirit restores your confidence, relieves your anxiety, and frees you from the desire to control everything in your life. With such a big load off your shoulders, you can actually begin to sense your intuition (the voice of your Spirit), which is extremely subtle at first – and when you’re under a lot of stress, it’s easily missed. With intuition firmly at the helm of your life, you reconnect with the deepest, most authentic truth of your being and remember who you are as God designed and created you to be: perfect, beautiful, and whole.

With Spirit as your guide, you don’t have to base your identify or self-worth on how people view you. Because you know who you are, you’re free to be yourself and can experience others as they are as well; you no longer need to get anyone else’s approval.

Such authentic self-awareness encourages the same transformation in others when they’re in your presence. Everyone you interact with energetically senses your genuineness, so the typical manipulations people engage in to feel safe and win approval cease, and more heart-to-heart connections take their place. You no longer feel the need to struggle with others for power because your power arises from within, so bit by bit you unlearn entrenched patterns and behaviors of conflict. Guided by your Spirit, you experience a heightened awareness that allows you to see individuals with greater compassion and clarity. You begin to understand their fear as a symptom of having lost their Spirit, so you no longer take their unconscious negative behaviors personally. With Spirit in your heart, the dark, heavy cloud of defense and suspicion lifts. You go through life with fewer filters, and it becomes brighter and more beautiful than ever before.

On a soul level, your desire to connect with the power of your Spirit is now being felt. This is an exciting turning point for you because not only are you in search of your Spirit, but your Spirit is also in search of you. It is calling you back to your true power. You need it, and the world needs it from you.

The Road Ahead

The return to your authentic self isn’t easy, however. Throughout this journey, you will be challenged again and again to face your fears and embrace your truths. Although difficult, it’s a transformational experience that you’re invited to take simply by virtue of incarnating as a Divine being in this grand human experiment.

The process unfolds in four distinct stages, each one propelling you to the next. How fast or slow you move through them depends on your desire, courage, and willpower. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that this soul journey is individual and organic; you must move along at your own pace. It’s not a contest. Rather, like most profound experiences, the ‘getting there’ part provides you with the best opportunities for healing and positive change. Sooner or later, all of us will come full circle... whether in this lifetime or the next.

From The Power of Your Spirit, © 2011 by Sonia Choquette, published by Hay House.