SECRET OF 2012 & A NEW WORLD AGE Gregg Braden

by: Gregg Braden

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Learn the patterns written in history and discover how to predict them. The ancient civilisation of the Mayans created a calendar that is still incredibly accurate today. Through observation of the stars they developed an understanding of the patterns of history, the ages of humankind,and even calculated exact dates when a new age would begin. The next age is set to begin on 21st December 2012. Drawing upon the elaborate and infinite patterns observable in nature, Gregg Braden shows the systems that lie behind the shaping of history. Taking his starting point from the Mayans, he shows their marking of the new age is but one instance of the cyclical nature of history. By understanding how our actions are repetitions of those in the past, Gregg shows us a way to make sense of the present and the dramatic changes yet to come. Gregg Braden's discoveries take us across the world and throughout time as he reveals the truth about our past, present and future. (Note: this was formerly published as Fractal Time.)
334pp, 130mm x 196mm, illus. in b&w, Paperback, 2010

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