by: Claire Nahmad

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What if the Holy Grail was our direct conscious connection to God and the higher realms, and is about to be triumphantly restored to us? The Secret of the Ages investigates the exact location of the Holy Grail, the mystery of its essence and the wonder of its virtues. Claire Nahmad and Margaret Bailey explore the notion that our planet was first colonised, by decree of God, by humans of high degree who implanted their essence into simian life. They describe how their king, disgusted by the struggles of this new human life, turned against God in a horrific act of defiance, and set himself up as a false God in order to control us, planning the global ethnic cleansing of humanity and realising his aims by cutting off the Holy Grail from human access. These revelatory claims, presented with convincing evidence and sound spiritual guidance, offer powerful food for thought as to who we really are.