The Simplicity of Stillness


The Simplicity of Stillness (SOS) is an evolutionary technology designed to release stress, heal your body, and access your highest potential. It is so advanced that your life begins to transform in three simple steps - Apply, Activate, Act.Backed by 20 years of study in Eastern wisdom, holistic traditions, and the 'New Science', Marlise Karlin, founder of SOS, shows you step-by-step how this rapid and direct method can diminish self-defeating behaviour and connect you to the sweet spot of life where deep peace and the flow of higher consciousness converge.Offering you a rare insight into landmark research of Epigenetics, Neuroplasticity, DNA and Subtle Energies, Marlise provides evidence from over a decade of case studies to demonstrate how you can release blocked cellular memory, imprint new neural pathways and activate vital life energy.This book is filled with the hope and mystery of people who have experienced remarkable recoveries from depression, anxiety, PTSD and other illnesses by using this advanced technology.SCIENCE AND EASTERN WISDOM EXPLAIN IT.THE SOS METHOD REALIZES IT.This book contains bonus digital material and the groundbreaking Stillness Sessions Technology; audio recordings that transmit Energy on waves of sound, activating advanced meditative states. Your mind doesn't even have to become still for it to work - you'll begin to feel more clarity, joy, and enthusiasm almost immediately.