SNOW LEOPARD Jackie Morris

by: Jackie Morris

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From the beginning of time Snow Leopard has sung the stars to life, the sun to rise and the moon to wax and wane. She weaves a song to keep her hidden valley safe from the world of men and as she sings, a child down in the valley beneath dreams her song. But time is passing. Snow Leopard needs to find a singer to replace her - and while she is searching, soldiers come to the valley looking for gold and slaves... Set against a stunning Himalayan backdrop, Jackie Morris' lyrical words weave a starlit myth, and her portrayal of the rarely-seen Snow Leopard offers a message of hope at a time when many of the world's wildest places are being worn away. [Suitable for ages 4-8.]
30pp, 220mm x 300mm, illus. in colour, Paperback, 2007

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