by: Deepak Chopra

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To build the kind of future that can sustain our planet and all life on it, inspired leaders are needed in every area of life, from the largest corporation down to the smallest family unit. Deepak Chopra shows how, when we learn to follow the guidance of our souls, all of us have the potential to become such leaders. Great leaders, says Chopra, can respond to all situations from the higher levels of spirit, and thus are able to find the right response for every need. With Chopra ªÆs guidance, you will learn how to develop the inner qualities possessed by great leaders such as Gandhi and Buddha, and be inspired to become a leader in your own right. In a world where so many have lost their way, people who can lead from their souls are like lights in the darkness. For those who aspire to help others as well as themselves towards a more enlightened future, The Soul of Leadership is required reading.
220pp, 133mm x 185mm, hardback, 2011

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