by: Roberta Lee

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The SuperStress Solution shares worldrenowned integrative physician Roberta Lee's unique prescription for recognizing, rebalancing, and protecting against the symptoms of SuperStress, a form of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder produced by the 21st century's overstimulating lifestyle. In SuperStress, stress hormones flow unabated and, unable to adapt to and accommodate this chronic hormonal surge, the human body begins to break down. This causes immune deficiencies, acute gastrointestinal issues, high blood pressure, chronic inflammation, obesity, and insomnia. Those who experience SuperStress often mistakenly identify themselves as 'being in control' and able to 'rest' at will. Roberta Lee now provides a comprehensive questionnaire to help you evaluate your own level of stress, as well as a healing four-week programme ' a series of small, easy-to-incorporate steps toward physical and emotional wellness ' that will reset the nervous system and restore a sense of serenity, a well from which to draw strength day to day.
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